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POR CRO PART FESR 2007-2013 Action 5.1.1 Interregional cooperation. “Contributions to the financing of projects of industrial research and experimental development inter-character”.

Contributions to the financing of projects of industrial research and experimental development inter-character


MSMEs and Large Enterprises if in RTI with MSMEs based in Veneto Region.


The call aims to develop the competitiveness of the regional production system by supporting innovative projects of industrial research and experimental interregional development, in order to encourage cooperation between enterprises and research organizations beyond the regional area.


The call provides grants to Venetian companies in capital account in favor of the processes of industrial research and experimental development, also through participation in European or trans-regional schemes; projects will be designed jointly by the partners and proposed by the companies operating in the Veneto region, in order to be subsequently implemented in collaboration with companies and research organizations located in another EU country.


Floating Anchor  


The phenomenon of landslides is a reality in our country: in Italy have been recorded about 461,000 landslides that threaten 82% of the municipalities. Of these, over 9,000 are in the territory of our region. This issue is even more relevant given the recent news in the field of hydrogeological caused by many factors. That is why the goal of the project “Floating Anchor” is to develop and implement an innovative technique in the field of accommodation of landslides. The project developed by Dalla Gassa, in partnership with Polish company that operates in the same field, will start from a research and theoretical validation of the patented module, thanks to collaborations with universities, public or private, professional offices, businesses, then continuing through the experimental study of the physical model in a reduced scale of the mechanical ground-anchor in controlled conditions to evaluate how to optimize this interaction. Then we will proceed with the installation in test sites and monitoring of the actual behavior of the experimental module to which you will add a numerical modeling of geotechnical slopes reinforced with anchor with advanced calculation models 2D and 3D. The project also includes an assessment of the applicability and effectiveness based on real data collected with the experimental activities in order to identify landslides and environmental conditions most suitable and affordable for its use, as well as the implementation of improvements of the system components, the production cycle and the method of installation, in order to optimize the increase of safety and durability of the work. Finally, we will implement the development of a simple model and guidelines for the calculation, design and installation of the anchor for professionals and external stakeholders.  


18 months  


217.955,55 €