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The idea of the SIRIVE® Floating Anchor originated to find an alternative to the reinforcement works traditionally used for the landslide risk mitigation. Each SIRIVE® Floating Anchor, suitably positioned in the landslide main body, can be considered as a flexible “energy dissipater”, since it is able to dissipate, by mean of friction force developed along the soil-reinforcement interface, a portion of the energy generated by the landslide movement.

Dalla Gassa has filed a patent application of the SIRIVE® Floating Anchor (Italian Patent nr. VI2010A000020, filed Feb. 4, 2010, and European Patent nr. EP 11153454.1, filed Feb. 4, 2011).



An analysis of national and international technical literature has showed that the idea is innovative, because in the field of landslide stabilization there are no documents about performed works, and even studies or computational models that have dealt with this particular technique.

Therefore, it was important for us to draw up a research program, particularly aimed to analyze the prospective for a practical use of the SIRIVE® Floating Anchor. To investigate rigorously this innovative technology, a three-year PhD program (2012-2015) started in 2011 with the signature of a study agreement with the University of Padova (North-Eastern Italy).



Moving from the observation and the study of self-drilling anchor behaviour, it has processed three different reinforcement techniques, generally called “SIRIVE® Floating Techniques”. They are:

  • SIRIVE® Floating Anchor;
  • SIRIVE® Floating Wall;
  • SIRIVE® Floating Belt.

The main application of these techniques concerns the stabilization of slow-moving landslides.



All the studies, research and experiments are freely available on this website.

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